SuperM Bangs with “Jopping”


The most anticipated act goes jumping and popping to keep us spellbound.

SuperM, the new septet formed under S.M Entertainment made their debut on October 4, at 9:30 am IST. The act of seven comprises of well known artists from different groups, which kept the fans highly excited for the release. The mini album, SuperM comes out with 5 tracks, “I Can’t Stand The Rain,” “2 Fast,” “Super Car,” “No Manners,” along with the single “Jopping” and 2 instrumental tracks. As expected the combined efforts of the artists have paid off pretty well in giving us a treat for this Halloween.

The Single

With the shout of audience cheering from behind, the title track begins with a sound alarm directly exposing us to the pre-chorus. The members make their way singing, “I don’t even care we will burn on the stage,” to claim their identity, as the bass driven piece enthralls every listener with its heavy drops and effective syncs. As a favour to the artists, the track compliments with both roaring rap verses and fragile high notes, giving them a special niche to stand out. The intensity of the song hypes the audience with its bold and pompous lyrics, sounding more passionate and furious. When it comes to the background music work, the guitar riffs and electronic instrumentals serve as a magnificent opening credit for the “Avengers of K-pop” to descend.

The Music Video

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the classy automobiles and stunning visuals?

Just like a thrilling action movie, the members walk in with posh looks gracing every minute of the music video. The jaw dropping CG effects and breathtaking camera angles keep us mesmerized on the edge of our seats. Brooming in different vehicles, the seven-piece act come together as one to blow the stage of an area flooded with thousands. Calling them the super group is indeed no joke, as the septet stuns us with their heavy choreography. In fact, the tough moves and well coordinated crisp gestures do make us greedy for a performance video to drop in soon. As for the visuals, the sharp and intense gazing from the members at equal intervals, and the way they carry themselves in their shinny black uniforms and fashionable attire is a treat at its fullest. On the whole, it is assured that no one could escape from the stellar music video that enraptures us every time like the first time.

Did you enjoy watching SuperM’s “Jopping”?

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