SURAN Releases Newest Single “BLANKET” Ft. WONSTEIN


South Korean singer-songwriter, SURAN, returns with her latest single, “Blanket”. This is SURAN’s second single release in 2021 following her previous single, “Sunny” which was released shortly after launching her own independent label, S-TASY back in February.

My new song “Blanket” featuring Wonstein is a fun, cosy pop song that celebrates chilling at home. Stay safe everyone and I hope I can give you good vibes from my song!” – SURAN

“Blanket” is a pop track about how “staying at home under the blanket is the best.” It’s a playful single that shows both the desire to go outside and play, while also having the realization that staying home is even better.

The lyrics for “Blanket” were written by Suran in collaboration with featured rapper, Wonstein. The duo composed the track along with music producer, Zayson, known for his work with acts such as NCT, GOT7, and EXO to name a few. The track was also arranged by Zayson with 황득경(Hwang DK). Check the MV below

SURAN 수란 Blanket (feat. 원슈타인 Wonstein) (Official Music Video)

SURAN is a South Korean artist known for her unique vocal colours in both her solo artist music and her numerous features on other artists’ songs in the K-Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop music scenes. Since her debut single, I Feel in 2014,
SURAN continued to release an impressive list of charting songs in various genres, often collaborating with other notable South-Korean artists, producers and TV shows.

In 2021, SURAN established her own independent label “S-TASY” and released her digital single Sunny, marking the beginning of her new journey in her artistry. You can check out her previous Single ‘Sunny’ below

SURAN 수란 Sunny (Official Music Video)

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