T.O.P Collaborating with Sotheby’s

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How many idols do we know of, that hold special interest in collecting art and wine bottles?

Just one, T.O.P of Big Bang.

A man with a reputation, Choi Seunghyun has been an enigmatic role model for rappers in Korea for a long time. But more than being a brilliant musician and an influential persona, he is also an art curator in pride. T.O.P’s Instagram has been riddled with his favorite art pieces, glimpses of art shows and gallery’s visited, and several inspirational pieces of art. So it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to be one of the youngest curators to collaborate with Sotheby’s.

On July 25th, T.O.P shared the news that he will be curating for a charity project #TTTOP with Sotheby’s on Oct. 3rd , in Hong Kong. Working with artists from Hong Kong, the Big Bang rapper will be showcasing some of his personally collected pieces of art and all sales, will be contributed to a charity project.

Seunghyun says, “As a personal wish, I plan to continuously hold projects to provide safe environments for young Asian artists with a lot of talent, but are in difficult situations.” Surely, as a musician from less economical times, he knows the struggle of an up and coming artist.


We are absolutely glad that young artists in Asia are finally getting good-hearted benefactors. Good luck to you Mr Choi, and we hope that this charity sees plenty of good art in good hands.


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