T.O.P Posts a Touching Letter From Taeyang


On April 9, Big Bang‘s T.O.P posted a picture of the letter he received from Taeyang on Instagram! T.O.P is currently shooting for a German-Chinese production movie “Out Of Control” in Germany while the other group members are in Seoul and busy with their own schedules. Amidst that, Taeyang sent a lovely hand written letter to Germany for T.O.P expressing his love and respect for the eldest member.

서울에서 온 영배의 편지 #완전감동 #나도사랑해영배야

A photo posted by T.O.P (@choi_seung_hyun_tttop) on

“To Seunghyun-hyung. Hyung, I’ll pray that you film and come back without any happenings while you’re in Germany. I’ll really miss you during the two months that you are gone. Lately, you look exhausted and lonely, so I worry about you. Have strength, hyung! I pray sincerely every night for your spirit and that you will understand God’s love as written in the Bible. Have fun, hyung~ I love you!

T.O.P shared this touching letter with caption “Youngbae’s letter from Seoul. #TotallyTouched #ILoveYouTooYoungbae




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