Tacyeon Take Down!

2PM Rapper kicks some ghost butt in ‘Let’s Fight Ghost’


The new tvN Mon-Tue drama has been the most awaited drama for a long time now, especially for its star-studded line-up. With 2PM’s Tacyeon playing the male-lead and new-comer Kim So Hyun kicking up a storm as the female-lead, this drama is definitely one for the books.

Kim So Hyun, as an upcoming KDrama actress has marked and perfected her niche in school-dramas with hits like ‘School 2015’ and the web drama ‘Page Turner’. As an ardent drama fan, I can vouch for her well-polished skills on the silver screen. A young and pretty girl, she brings a unique level of sugar and spice to her supernatural character in this drama, as Kim Hyun Ji. A high-schooler who met with an untimely death, Hyun-Ji is unable to move on to the afterlife and is on a mission to regain her memories.
Kpop India  {kpop-india}Tacyeon Take Down!stillsPark Bong Pal, played by Tacyeon, is a college student by day and exorcist by night who seems to detest his abilities but puts them to good ease either way. He encounters Hyun Ji by chance, and they immediately get into a fight and even take down a malicious ghost together. Tacyeon received wide-spread recognition for his role in the hit drama ‘Dream High’. He was last seen in the web series ‘Touching You’ and showed his brilliant acting skills that have definitely come along way.

‘Let’s Fight Ghost’ (or ‘Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight!’) is taking over the Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00 slot at tvN after ‘Another Miss Oh’ and is based off of Im In-Seu’s web comic Ssawooja Gwishina. Other than the leads, the new drama also boasts a brilliant cast consisting of Kwon Yul, Kim Sang Ho, Kang Ki Young and David Lee.

A brilliant gathering of stars well-known for their comedic roles, the drama holds great promise in the matter of holding the audience’s attention. It has a well-constructed story line, backed by hilarious dialogues and some typical slapstick comedy that will have most of us on our knees. To add to the mix, we have Tacyeon looking younger than ever, sporting the cool college student look.
What’s not to love?

Look out for the next episodes of this drama, and let’s discuss more in the comments below!

What did you like best about the first episode?

By – Aishwarya Iyer


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