TaeTiSeo sings for “Dear Santa” [Review]


Girl’s Generation’s TTS consisting of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are back again with “Dear Santa”a perfect comeback album for the upcoming festive season.

The music video begins with Seohyun playing the piano while the trio looking elegant as ever in those terrific outfits start singing with their perfectly harmonious angelic vocals which is sheer bliss to the ears. As they’re singing, a cute little boy comes and hands over an invitation to Tiffany (He pretty much looks like a baby version of Minho from Shinee to me).

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The start of the song which seems like a ballad turns into a fun and joyful upbeat song with sleigh bells as soon as they open the invitation. Almost all the numbers on the wall clock stars showing 11 and the girls disappear to different places.

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We see Tiffany with her dog as she keeps her dog down and looks into a shop but her dog runs away. While looking for her dog she sees a bright light coming from a manhole. She looks into it and disappears into the light.

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Then there’s Seohyun baking, whisking some batter up and decorating her cake, loving the feel of Christmas. She drops a cupcake while checking under the table for the cupcake, she disappears into light just like Tiffany.

Screenshot_2015-12-06-13-27-38 {kpop-india}TaeTiSeo sings for “Dear Santa” [Review]Screenshot 2015 12 06 13 27 38 300x180


Taeyeon comes in sight surrounded by lots of blue gifts waiting for Santa to come. Finding a blue crayon in one of those boxes she draws balloons and gifts on the wall then the balloons become real and lifts Taeyeon up towards the ceiling.

Then again we see the little kid opening the invitation which shows a cute pop-up Christmas card. The girls think how perfect it would be to receive a true confession on Christmas as it snows. The light brings the girls together, surprised yet excited and wondering how they got there.

Screenshot_2015-12-06-13-28-25 {kpop-india}TaeTiSeo sings for “Dear Santa” [Review]Screenshot 2015 12 06 13 28 25

Playing with Christmas ornaments as they adorn the Christmas tree and arrange the gifts, enjoying themselves while taking selcas (Selfies) with candy canes full of aegyo(Cuteness) playing around, dancing in pajamas and pigtails and looking at the snow globe while praying hard and making a wish.
They open their eyes just to see that it started snowing looking around gleefully that their dream-like Christmas has now come true! As the girls were waiting for Santa, Mr Lion from “Lion Heart” Mv makes a comeback trying to deceive the girls again this time pretending to be Santa, the girls hit and ignore him not falling into his trap at all proving you can’t play with their hearts again.The ground starts shaking as the Lion takes the snow globe and shakes it. The girls magically return back to the piano room living their short Cinderella-like story as it turns 12′ in the clock. They pick up the invitation from the ground and laughed realizing all of this was probably just a dream.

Screenshot_2015-12-06-13-30-21 {kpop-india}TaeTiSeo sings for “Dear Santa” [Review]Screenshot 2015 12 06 13 30 21


The entire music video is brilliant but typically Christmas themed, SM didn’t really bring anything brand new for the fans but the girls did a fantastic job of giving it a really fun and enthusiastic vibe.

The music video and the song have a very classic Christmas feeling to it with great musical energy.The album consists of 6 songs:

1. Dear Santa (Title)
2. I Like the Way
3. 겨울을 닮은 너 (Winter Story)
4. Merry Christmas
5. 첫눈처럼 (First Snow)
6.Dear Santa (English Version)



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