Taeyang makes VIP’s sad with his acceptance speech for ‘Artist of the Year’ at ‘2015 MAMA’

Why are VIP's sad over Taeyang's acceptance speech for 'Artist of the Year' at 2015 MAMA?


To the delight of all VIP’s, Bigbang won the ‘2015 MAMA’ award for ‘Artist of the Year’ and the acceptance speech was given by Taeyang and leader G-Dragon. The members while reminiscing about their debut days, thanked the fans and everyone who worked hard to ensure their success.

What however left the VIP’s sad was when Taeyang mentioned in the end that it would take a long time before all 5 of them could perform in MAMA together hence reminding them that the members would be leaving for army soon.

None of the Bigbang members have completed their army duties and it is speculated that they will be enlisting by next year and that’s what Taeyang meant by saying that it would be long for 5 of them to appear together as the members would be leaving one after another at different times. Does this however confirm the rumors that some of the Bigbang members would be enlisting next year? Whatever maybe the truth, MAMA 2015 would definitely be very special for the VIP’s and Bigbang definitely had a great success at MAMA grabbing major awards and winning the most awards.

Check out the acceptance speech and the translation of it by Huisu Yoon.


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