Fans point out that Taeyeon’s ‘I’ musical background is similar to Indian song ‘Vaadi Pulla Vaadi’


On August this year, an MV released on June, by an Indian Singer was pointed out for having similar video contents to Girl’s Generations MV’s ‘The Boys” and “I got a boy” and she received a lot of bash from KPOP fans for it . However seems like this time, the tables have turned.

Girls Generation’s leader, Taeyeon has recently released her Mini Album for which she is receiving very good reviews however in the midst of this, some KPOP fans are claiming that Taeyeon’s latest viral MV song  “I” from her Mini Album of the same name, which is sung along with acclaimed singer Verbal Jint has copied its musical background score from noted Indian Singer, ‘Hiphop Tamizha’s viral song, ‘Vaadi Pulla Vaadi’.  SM Entertainment is known for buying publication rights and hence we cannot say for sure whether this is plagiarism or not but we definitely can’t help but notice the similarity between the two songs with relation to background music.

In India, under the copyright law, reproduction of a scene is not held as infringement however the copyright laws protects both the lyrics and background music and hence copying a background music or using its content without rights is definitely held as plagiarism. This is not the first time SM Entertainment has been accused of plagiarizing a foreign music, In 2013, Shinee’s ‘Dream Girl’ was held to be similar to  Luis Miguel‘s ‘Vuelve’. However, SM Entertainment refuted the rumors saying it neither plagiarized nor sampled although there were clear similarities between the two. We wonder what SM Entertainment have to say this time.  Not being biased, what is your take on it? Do you find the similarity between Taeyeon’s ‘I’ and Hiphop Tamizha’s  ‘Vaadi Pulla Vaadi’?  Check out the two songs below. Both the songs are definitely addictive!