Taeyeon’s “Rain” Scores The First Win on Inkigayo!

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Taeyeon’s “Rain” won in the latest installment of SBS Inkigayo. Despite of her absence on the show, she won on the basis of huge pre-broadcast points marking ‘Rain’ first win! Taeyeon left behind Gfriend’s “Rough” and WINNER’s “Sentimental” to second and third positions respectively to win the first spot. The score was almost perfect !

Taeyeon made her solo comeback with two digital singles, Rain and Secret. The singles ruled the charts nationally and internationally thus, confirming the undisputed popularity that she has! She made her solo debut with mini album “I” in 2015. She has been praised for magical vocals from the days of Girls’ Generation, but the solo album carved out all the hidden talents she had inside her.

For now lets watch Inkigayo clip :


We offer Taeyeon heartiest congratulations on her first win and look forward to many more!

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