TEEN TOP members are back on Instagram!

L.Joe, Chunji and Ricky are back on Instagram!


Teen Top members are finally back on Instagram!

Yes, you read it right! The boys of Teen Top have opened their Instagram accounts again and apparently only members L.Joe , Chunji and Ricky have opened their individual accounts. According to Top Media, the members will not be following anyone else for now as the accounts will be used only for communicating and sharing things with the fans.

Previously, the members of Teen Top deactivated all their personal social media accounts after members Niel and Changjo got into a dating scandal last summer. Since then, they have been updating only through the official Teen Top Twitter account.

Angels around the world can celebrate now as it will be much easier to communicate and keep a track of the boys as they are back on SNS. Having said that, have you followed the boys on Instagram? If not, go and follow them right now and shower them with lots of love!

Here are the links: L.Joe’s Instagram, Chunji’s Instagram, Ricky’s Instagram.

Teen Top, who was recently here in India couple of months back for ‘Feel Korea’ concert and a fansign left a strong impact on the Indian KPOP fans. The fans surely do miss them and looks forward to see them again! The boys of Teen Top also made their comeback this month with the new album ‘Red Point’. Check out the MV for the title song ‘Warning Sign’ below.


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