TEEN TOP’s L.Joe to Join SBS Drama ‘Entertainer’


After the news broke out about Ji Sung being the lead actor of the drama ‘Entertainer’ (Ddanddara), it has been reported that TEEN TOP‘s L.Joe will be joining in too.

This upcoming SBS drama has a line up of stars including L.Joe as confirmed and he will be playing the role of one of the member of a rock band called ‘Ddanddara’ along with CNBLUE‘s Kang Min Hyuk. Meanwhile, Ji Sung, the lead actor of the drama will be seen as the CEO of a Korean entertainment industry, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri might be finalized as the lead actress. In addition to this, actress Chae Jung Ahn will be on board too!

The story revolves around how a small entertainment director and his rookie band struggles and manages to gain recognition in the Korean entertainment industry.

For the first time, L.Joe will be stepping up in one of the biggest broadcasting stations in Korea (SBS, KBS, MBC). Earlier he had been a part of ‘Lasting Noir M’ which was under OCN where he was given the role of the lead actor in the web drama later.

‘Ddanddara’ will take the time slot of currently airing drama ‘Please Come Back Mister’ in April. Stay tuned for updates about this upcoming series!


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