Teentop’s flexibility is put to test in Yoga Class!!!

Teentop's Yoga class!!


Top Media boy band Teentop were seen challenging Yoga on the latest episode of “Teen Top On Air: The New Beginning” currently airing on Naver’s V App.

The eight episode of Teen Top On Air: The New Beginning took the members for a healing Yoga session to re-energize their body and souls. However, did the members succeed in putting up with different yoga postures?!! Well, the members flexibility and concentration were put to test. Even though Teentop is known for their tight choreography, most of the members were seen struggling with the yoga postures. C.A.P and Changjo were a little more flexible in pulling off the postures, and were even praised by the yoga instructor for their balance, flexibility and strength.

Chunji who said he was in his high school’s Yoga club was also seen struggling during the tree posture with Neil, Ricky and L.Joe. Throughout the members were seen striving hard, yet they enjoyed the entire session which ended with meditation.

Teentop’s healing yoga session was filled with laughs for the viewers. What caught our eye was leader C.A.P wearing his trademark sunglasses and cap to the yoga class and still managing to get most of the yoga postures right. These boys are hilarious don’t you think!!

Check out some shots from the airing below.

Teentop are currently preparing for a comeback on 18th January 2016 and have lately released a teaser. Well we found ourselves doing Yoga with boys…did you??

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