You Know You Are A KPOP Fan When…

    If you are a KPOP fan you can totally relate to at least few if not every reason that has been written! Our Editor Nicki and Contributor Ragini says it took a really long time to come up with a final list because there were many reasons to keep adding but that it was really fun working on it! Do let us know if you can think of any more reasons besides this. KEEP CALM AND LOVE KPOP!

    1. You dream about visiting Seoul :


    seoul1Seoul is just not the capital city of South Korea anymore, but it is the place where your dreams starts. Its Seoul of all places you want to visit most  and you have dreams about Visiting this wonderful place and strolling in all the place that you have seen in dramas like Namsan Tower, 63 building ,Traditional Korean Folk Village ,Visiting your bias owned Shops/Restaurants and wanting to wear Hanbok (Traditional Korean Attire). Either you have already been there or you are saving money so that you can do all these things along with attending  your favorite KPOP bands concerts or fan meeting.


    2. You do the famous Korean gestures unconsciously:

    tumblr_m55pyeM6yU1rw2hzno1_500peacesignWhenever you take  pictures, your hand automatically does the Peace sign like there is an inner force making you do that and your Non-Kpop friends be like “Here she/he goes again with victory sign”. Not just that whenever you feel like telling your friends/family  how much they are loved and respected, being a Korean fan you do the famous “Saranghae pose”  to express your feelings and  when you greet someone you automatically do the 90 degree bow and all these happens subconsciously! You definitely have some family/friends who call you as that “Korean” fan!





    3.You have really active SNS accounts:



    You have SNS account and you have maybe opened SNS accounts so that you could keep yourself updated with all the posts made by your bias group or idol  and to keep youself updated with what is happening in Kdramas, like which new drama is trending ,which group are releasing albums ,which and all actor or idols are attending movie screening , what is happening in your favourite variety shows and on and on. You get what we are trying to say right?

    Your wallpaper and display/profile pics in various social networking site(SNS) is all Korean celebrity Pictures and YouTube is not just an SNS, its a part of life.




    4. You have two time zones



    When your KPOP friends tell you the time about when a particular KPOP idol/group would be broadcasting live or making a comeback, you ask them, “According to which timezone? KST or IST?”

    You obviously know the EXACT Time difference between your country and South Korea. It’s important to know especially for comebacks and birthday!

    You also wish your fellow KPOP friends based on KST!


    5. You start using Korean words:


    wordsYou start using words like ‘Chingu’ for ‘Friends’ , ‘Omma, Appa’ for your parents, Unnie, Hyung’ for your siblings, ‘Saranghae’ for I love you and so on!

    Oppa is definitely your favorite word of all .


    You have your own dictionary and meanings, -V, N, L are not just alphabets! And well, Daebak, Fighting, Spazzing are common terms!


    6. You have at least one app for learning Hangul


    You have spent hours or even months or maybe years for some, trying to read, understand, write and speak Korean so that you can connect and understand the Idols/songs better. (No more waiting for English subs!)


    7.Your playlist is filled with KPOP songs:



    Your phone has an entire dedicated playlist probably named MyKpopMusic or KPOP or something similar indicating your immense love for Kpop Music. Your phone ringtone, notifications, alert or alarm tones are set to your favourite KPOP songs.

    8) Your gallery is filled with pictures of KPOP celebrities. 

    Pictures of your bias/bias group are everywhere. You would also have an entire folder dedicated for pictures of you copying your idol’s poses/edited pictures! (Don’t deny! We all have at least one picture of that!)



    9) KPOP has taken over your life: 

    You of course know your country’s history but you also know that South Korea has a female President, their independence day and they fact that they have cut down the time limit for compulsory military service.

    It’s also way easier to remember the name of 12 guys name in a group along with their nationality, likes, dislikes, their hair color, nose, body, legs, hands then to remember a short essay or memorize a theory for school.


    You are constantly trying to get your friends/loved ones listen to this awesome genre!



    10) KPOP has given you new friends + taught you so much.

    You have found and met so many new friends because of KPOP and you find it so much easier to connect to new people when you realize that you share the love of KPOP! You also definitely have at least one chinggu whom you have met because of KPOP and with whom you share a strong bond maybe not the same bias though because well, we can share our bias with thousands of fans around the world but not our friend!


    And how can we forget the inspiring words said by our favorite idols which makes us learn so much about things and life in general?


    kpopindia kpopindia

    Lastly, only a KPOP fan would know what it means to be a fan of KPOP because it is so much more than just a music genre.


    Did you find yourself guilty of any of the above reason? If so, you are definitely one of us!




    Comment below if you can think of any other reasons!



    DISCLAIMER: The pictures used belong to their original owners.





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