Tiffany Takes Home 2nd Win for “I Just Wanna Dance”!

Tiffany wins for the second time for "I Just Wanna Dance"!


Tiffany, who is currently promoting her solo debut mini-album “I Just Wanna Dance” has taken home her second win for the same on May 18th episode of “Show Champion”.

The Girls’ Generation member was extremely overwhelmed when the winner was announced. She went on to thank her fans, members and staff members of her agency. She also encouraged the artists who performed today and asked everyone on stage to stay back to dance along with her for the encore.

Tiffany was competing for the No.1 spot alongside SEVENTEEN, Akdong Musician, Crush and TWICE. She earlier took her first win for “I Just Wanna Dance” on SBS’s ‘The show‘ yesterday!

The artist is doing really well with her solo debut so, don’t forget to shower her with lots of love!

Meanwhile, check out her performance of “I Just Wanna Dance” and the encore as well on today’s “Show Champion” below!

Congratulations Tiffany!


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