L.Joe Sued For Damage Claims By Top Media!


Former Teen Top member L.Joe is been sued by Top Media for damages incurred by his breach of exclusive contract with them.

A representative of Top Media said on January 15, “I recently filed a complaint against L.Joe at the Seoul Central District Court for the alleged infringement of the contract.”

L.Joe filed for nullfication of his contract back in February which was originally till January 2018. He announced his request for nullification of the contract and stated that he will no longer participate in the group’s activity. Since then, it has been working independently without participating in Teen Top activities.

The conflict started last October when L.Jo met with T.O.P Media regarding renewal of his contract where he put out his thoughts of leaving the group and pursuing as a soloist. The label refused and put restriction on his solo activities. Eventually, the relationship between the two went downhill there on.

He has been active through musicals L.Jo such as “Liar”, “S Diary” and “Secretly Great”.

Stay tune for more updates!

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