Tracklist For FIESTAR’s ‘A Delicate Sense’ Released!!

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Girl group FIESTAR, who is making a comeback with their second mini-album ‘A Delicate Sense’, has released the track-list for the same!

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The tracks will be released at MelOn’s Premiere Showcase event. The album engages with the delicate feelings of love and farewell. The concept of this album is an extension of the ‘Sad Sexy’ concept which was introduced in March last year with the album ‘Black Label’. The 5 songs that make up the mini-album are, ‘A Sip Of Lips’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Mr. Black’, ‘Thirst’, and ‘Back and Forth’.

‘Mirror’ is the title track of the album, which expresses the sadness that one feels after a break up.

kpop india

It was also revealed that members Yezi, Hyemi, and Linzy have contributed in making the mini album. Especially, talented rapper Yezi, who is credited in all of the songs. ‘A Sip Of Lips‘ was written by Yezi,  ‘Mirror‘ is written by Linzy, Yezi. ‘Mr. Black‘ is written by Hyemi, Yezi. ‘Thirst‘ is written by Yezi. ‘Back And Forth‘ is composed by Hyemi and written by Hyemi and Yezi.

With ‘A Delicate Sense’, FIESTAR will have their first official fan showcase since their debut in Hongdae, Seoul.

With members participating and the first showcase, this album is worth anticipating! Enjoy the compiled audio preview of the mini album below (With video by Fiestar International) :

Are you excited for their comeback this 9th?


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