Breaking News: Top 16 Contestants of Show Me The Money 4 leaked


MNET’s Show Me The Money is not a stranger to news or controversies. Even before Show Me The Money 4 began to air, it gained attention because of the producers of the new season as well as for guests like Snoop Dogg and Bigbang. However the production team is now in panic after the TOP 16 list of Show Me The Money season 4 was leaked and is currently being circulated over the internet when only two episodes have aired as of now.

Spoiler alert: Although multiple sources have confirmed it, the top 16 list has not been released by MNET yet, so do not scroll down if you don’t want to know.

Show Me The Money DKPOP


Well, you asked for it. According to the leaked list, there are four contestants each, under the four producer teams.

Team YG (Tablo, Jinusean) – New Champ, Super B, Incredible, Innovator

Team AOMG (Jay Park, Loco) – Sik K, JiGooin, David Kim, Lil Boi (Geeks)

Team Brand New Music (SanE, Verbal Jint) – Blacknut, Basick (Jiggy Fellaz), HanHae (Phantom), Microdot

Team Buckwilds and Hi-Lite (Zico, Paloalto) – Song Mino (Winner), One (1Punch), Ja mezz, AndUp


Seems like Zico’s Hyung Taewoon, Monsta X Joo Heon, Seventeens Vernon among others did not make the cut. In 2nd Episode, Basick had stated that he wanted to be apart of either YG or AOMG team but looks like he ended up with Brand New Music. Are you satisfied with the Top 16? Did your favorite contestant make the cut?


There were speculations over whether the leaked list is the real list or not, however according to various sources, this list has been confirmed to be the real list. The production team of Show Me The Money 4 has expressed its frustration behind the leak and is currently trying to find the source of leak. But even though the TOP 16 list is leaked, the show is gaining huge popularity both in Korea and overseas.

You can still watch the elimination process as to how the other contestants were eliminated as the show airs every Friday at 11 PM KST