TVXQ’s Changmin Writes Heartwarming Letters To Friends And Fans

TVXQ's Changmin warms hearts with hand written letters to friends and fans


TVXQ’s Shim Changmin who enlisted on November 19 this year has been in the news for having written some incredibly heart warming letters to his friends and TVXQ fans who are officially known as Cassiopeia in Korea and BigEast in Japan. The letters are neatly handwritten by the handsome vocalist and were posted on TVXQ’s Official Website.

Changmin’s first letter begins with the traditional salute that soldiers recite as an introduction, which for some reason is endearingly cute coming from TVXQ’s maknae. He proceeds to thank Cassiopeia for their love and support, before his signature snark returns and he jokingly states that he will not hold anything against those who did not see him off.

He then proceeds to mention several close friends who went to see him off including Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kangin, EXO’s Baekhyun and Chanyeol amongst others and the endearing way he referred to them did not go unnoticed by netizens who found it “cute” and “adorable.” He also mentions that his juniors Red Velvet are incredibly popular among his fellow soldiers and that he and Siwon have become good friends despite being in different squads.

The letter closes with Changmin giving TVXQ’s official fanclub Cassiopeia a new nickname – Cavely! – short for ‘lovely Cassiopeia.’ Many fans are thrilled by this outcome.

Changmin’s second letter starts much like the first one, with a salute, but with an update – he has been assigned the position of Squad Leader! He proceeds to say that he has read all the thoughtful letters fans have sent him and asks if everyone has been keeping warm this winter.

The letter then takes a spiral towards Changmin’s first love – food.

Yes. The artist then speaks at length about all the food – ‘chicken and beer, seasoned spicy chicken, pizza’ – he wishes he could eat and laments at not having appreciated his favourite foods more before his enlistment. As every Cassiopeia knows, Changmin is an incurable foodie. But he does mention that they were recently served fried chicken, so atleast he isn’t being completely deprived.

The food loving artist writes that he misses Cassiopeia and wishes to see them, and also that he misses his group and label mate, Jung Yunho who is also serving in the army before once more talking about how much he misses having ‘chicken and beer.’ It seems like nothing can come between Changmin and his love for food.

Check out Changmin’s hand written letters below along with their English translations.

Changmin - Letter 02 - A {kpop-india}TVXQ’s Changmin Writes Heartwarming Letters To Friends And FansChangmin Letter 02 A

At the end of his last letter, Changmin cheekily asks whether he should write less often to maintain the air of mystery around his time in the army.

What do you think? Would you like to hear from TVXQ’s Changmin more or less often?


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