TXT Debuts With Their First MV “Crown”

From TXT Twitter

The most awaited rookies are here with their single “Crown” and Album “The Dream Chapter: STAR”. With enthusiastic viewers all around the world, the five piece group showed their cute charms. Descended from the well-known kings, the little princes have their own unique style and approach towards their audience.

The Single

The joyous title track becomes a delight to the listeners as the members sing along with their innocent vocals. With funky music behind, the act addresses to their loved ones as their privileged Crown. They sing “Are you my salvation found me deserted”, as the viewers get uplifted with the emitted positive vibes.

With colors filling the space, the music video is set in a brighter note as expected from their prior released teasers. The members put on huge smiles as they play around through the video with casual clothing. The shots are mostly aesthetic and pleasing making us relax while watching.

Creative graphics in the form of sketched cartoony figures as horns and tails along with their playful charms sets the mood for fun. The harmony is energized as the quintet get together to perform a well organized choreography. The dance moves are easy and goes with a flow filled in energy, making the whole video experience an enjoyable one.

In addition, TXT also known as Tomorrow X Together performed their debut stage in Mnet comeback show, on March 4. Yeonjun, Soobin, Huening Kai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu will also hold a debut showcase at the Yes24 Live Hall on 5th of March.

With their new journey beginning from today, Let’s wish them the best and hope to see them be cherished in the coming up years.


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