U-KISS’ Kevin supports Eli’s marriage + urges fans to do the same

U-KISS' Kevin Woo shows his support for Eli's marriage and wants you to do the same


In light of the recent events regarding U-KISS’ Eli Kim, both the announcement of his one-year long marriage to a woman 11 years his senior and his wife’s pregnancy, U-KISS fans – Kiss Me’s – have shown mixed reactions. While some are glad to hear that Eli has found love and will be a father soon  , the other half are devastated that their beloved ‘oppa’ is no longer single!

Enter U-KISS member Kevin Woo, who bravely took to his own SNS to show his support for fellow group member Eli saying that he respects Eli’s decision as both “a member and a friend” before adding that “marriage is not something to be ashamed of or hidden.”

Kevin then goes onto say that “If you really care about him [Eli] and U-KISS please show support” and congratulates Eli on his marriage and the baby that is on the way.

So far, the reaction to Kevin’s tweets have been overwhelmingly positive with fans saying “Don’t worry! We will always support him!” and “Definitely! If he’s happy, that’s all that should matter. Please don’t feel like you guys have to apologize to us!”

Kiss Me’s have even gone so far as to start hashtagging #WeSupportEli and #AlwaysSupportUKISS on SNS to show their love and support for Eli and U-KISS.

Check out Kevin’s tweets below:

Follow Eli’s Twitter account and shoot him a message of support!


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