UEE Revealed to Have Cut Own Hair in Drama ‘Marriage Contract’!

UEE revealed to have cut her own hair in a one-take scene in drama 'Marriage Contract'


After School’s UEE is currently playing the role of Kang Hye Soo on MBC’s weekend melodrama ‘Marriage Contract‘.

The new drama ‘Marriage Contract/Wife For 100 Days‘ is a melodrama that features UEE playing the role of Kang Hye Soo, a woman whose husband died in an accident. This leaves her character to raise her child alone. After she discovers she has an inoperable brain tumor she agrees to sign into a contract marriage to provide her daughter with a guardian.

The drama which has currently aired up to it’s sixth episode featured a heartbreaking scene where the character Kang Hye Soo cuts off long hair to prevent too much of it from falling out because of her brain tumor treatment. Later UEE was seen with her short new do which took many fans by surprise as the artist/actress has sported long hair ever since her debut!

But what was even more surprising was the fact that she cut her own hair for the drama!

It was speculated that UEE had worn a wig for the hair cutting scene or that her short new hairdo was a wig. But as it turns out, the actress had bravely cut off her own hair turning the scene into a one-take shot as her hair could not be regrown for a repeat recording. Viewers of the show are highly impressed with UEE’s acting skills and dedication to her role in the drama.

Check out some screenshots from the heartbreaking scene below!

Are you enjoying ‘Marriage Contract‘?


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