Fans Question U-Kiss Members’ Knowledge about Eli’s Marriage after Soohyun’s Tweet + NH Media confirms Eli’s Marriage

Soohyun Tweets about Eli's post and NH Media clarifies


Fans all over were left shocked and speechless when U-Kiss’ Eli announced in his Instagram account that he had been married for a year and is now an expecting father.  Chaos ensured after the Instagram post was deleted and fans were left speculating whether it was a case of confession or his account was hacked. Eli later reposted apologizing that the post got deleted by mistake only for the post to be again deleted, much to fan’s utter dismay.

Thankfully, U-Kiss’ leader Soohyun cleared matters when he later posted a tweet and clarified everyone’s questions. He posted in his official twitter:

All you fans were very worried because of Eli’s sudden news today, right? I apologize that you were shocked. We were also taken by surprise, but after thinking about it, we felt hurt realizing how hard it must have been for him. He probably wanted to tell us earlier, but he couldn’t muster the courage.

Through this recent incident, us U-KISS members will focus on communicating more with fans. There are people who are mad, and people who are congratulating them. Please give strength to Eli who got the courage as well as his baby.

Even if something like this happened, U-KISS won’t change. We’ll be showing you an even more mature side after this. As the leader, I’m apologizing once again. We’ll work harder. Thank you.”

However, instead of finding clear answers fans were further intrigued by Soohyun’s tweet which seemed to point out that even the other U-Kiss members had no idea about the news. Fans expressed their disappointment at the idea that even the group members had no knowledge about the marriage and the high possibility that they got the news through the post like everyone else.

But NH Media stepped ahead and released their statement. They seemed clearly flustered at Eli’s sudden announcement and asked for fan’s understanding along with confirming Soohyun’s statement that Eli will continue his activities as a U-Kiss member. They stated,

“After 5 years committed to each other, Eli and his partner has overcome their 11-year age gap. His partner has previously worked as a model. After consulting Eli, it appears he released the wrong date on his profile. To clarify, Eli and his partner married on June 5 and he notified us in October. We discussed releasing a public statement about the pregnancy in early November. We were taken aback but fully accepted their marriage. Afraid that he will cause trouble for his fellow members and his company, Eli did not hold a ceremony and signed their marriage license first. We have been discussing since early November on how to deliver the statement to the public as soon as he revealed the pregnancy news. As Eli’s partner has been kept a secret for all this time, he made a courageous announcement on Instagram. He has apologized for any shock caused to the company and fellow members for the sudden announcement. Although to raise a family whilst he is young and an idol, NHMedia requests that you refrain from writing negative comments or going on a witch hunt for the sake of the child. Eli’s marriage will not affect his current or future activity. He will continue his drama and overseas schedules as usual.”

The day has been long and confusing for all Kiss-Me’s but majority of the fans all over are whole heartedly congratulating and supporting the father-to-be too and seems like Eli’s first post on his marriage is definitely true. Click here to read what Eli had to say to his fans.

On celebration of Eli’s Marriage and also former U-KISS member, Dongho’s Marriage, let’s take a journey backwards to UKISS debut days!



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