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Unleash your ‘Inner Force’ with Luhan!!! + Luhan’s wax figurine at Madam Tussauds unveiled

The wait is over!! Luhan’s official promotional Music Video “Inner Force” for Star Wars : The Force Awakens is out.

Luhan or Disney’s “honorary Jedi” as some like to call him, has finally released the music video for “Inner Force” – the seventh installment of Star Wars franchise which is scheduled to release in China. Luhan joined the promotional campaign for the Star Wars Chinese promotions as a brand ambassador as he enjoys a massive fan following across China and Asia.

It was previously revealed that Luhan would be dedicating his new song The Inner Force(remix) for the promotional campaign of Star Wars:The Force Awakens while EXO his former Korean boy band promoted the film with ‘Lightsaber’ as a dedicated track likewise in Korea.

The video has shots taken directly from the film with Luhan singing and dancing in what looks like a industrial warehouse. Take a look below at the newly released music video.

While China is the final stop for Disney’s global promotional campaign of the film which releases on January 9th, it is also the world’s second largest film market making it critical for the film to succeed here.

Luhan has successfully drawn public interest with his “Jedi” transformation in “Inner Force” music video, its now time for the film to take over the Chinese box office.


Luhan’s popularity is heaps and bounds lately. Like Kris (former EXO member and bandmate) Luhan’s wax figurine was unveiled at Madam Tussauds in Beijing, China on January 7th. Take a look at the adorable pictures below taken by fans.

Can you tell if its not the real one standing right there!!!

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