UP10TION make their first Running Man appearance

Shinhwa's Andy recruits help from UP10TION!


Rookie group UP10TION has been creating quite a stir with their talent and impactful performances.  In the latest episode of the hit variety show “Running Man”, the rookie group made a surprise appearance and won hearts all over with their charms.

Shinhwa’s Andy recruited the help of his new group to help win over the hearts of the ladies in the latest episode of Running Man which has been running the throwback concept of an old favourite variety show X-Man for the last two episodes. UP10TION charmed their way and helped their CEO from dancing adorably to Christmas carols to performing the dark and sexy Shinhwa’s Wild Eyes and ending it with the infamous heart dance belonging to their CEO Andy.

With their hilarious antics, they created much laughter together in the sets of the variety show. Check out their dance here.

UP10TION made their debut in September 2015 with their single “So Dangerous” and recently made their comeback with “Catch Me”. UP10TION is the third idol group produced by Shinhwa’s Andy with the first two groups being Teen Top and 100%.


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