Upcoming Drama “Vampire Detective” Releases Exciting Teasers Ahead Of Airdate !

Lee Joon is all ready to suck the blood !

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Vampire Detective, the upcoming OCN series has been releasing its teasers for quite sometime now. Big batch of mysterious, sexy, and heart dropping teasers have been released till date.

Vampire Detective is a crime procedural drama which tells the story of a detective (Lee Joon) who hides his identity of being a vampire and solves the crimes with his special powers.

The supporting cast includes Lee Chung-ah, mysterious lady in Lee Joon’s life. Jo Bok-re in the role of Joon’s partner who dissappears during undercover investigation.Kim Yoon-hye who is involved in the love triangle relation with joon’s partner and Kim Ki-moo a doctor who performs illegal surgeries.

Here are the set of trailers :

Trailer : 1

The trailer where Lee Se-young and Oh-jung se whispering in Lee Joon’s ears asking him to suck the blood where finally Lee Joon ends up drinking blood and crushes the glass with his hands. The action filled teaser gives a brief back groung of Lee Joon who appears to be confident and very good looking.

Trailer : 2

With a slight touch of comedy the trailer gives intriguing and intense vibe with bottles of blood flying in air, splashing on the walls.

Individual Teasers :

This most anticipating drama along with the most handsome Lee Joon is all set to premiere from March 27th.


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