[UPDATE] Actress Lee Si Young and Choi Yeo Jin Heading To India To Shoot KBS2’s New Variety Show!

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Few days ago, we brought you the news that the actress duo Lee Si Young and Choi Yeo Jin is heading to India to shoot KBS2’s new variety show. The beautiful ladies are right now enjoying their stay in our beautiful city of Jaisalmer.

Choi Yeo Jin posted in her official Instagram account to let fans know about her happiness to be in India. She talked about how hot the weather is here and that they had to travel 16 hours in train to reach their destination. Despite of all these, they are really happy to be India.

Kpop India {kpop-india}[UPDATE] Actress Lee Si Young and Choi Yeo Jin Heading To India To Shoot KBS2’s New Variety Show!CHoi Yeo Jin IG

The ladies are enjoying their fullest on the streets of India and they made sure that the fans are updated with what they are up to. They are freely roaming around since the show has no fixed known format. They thanked KBS2 for giving them the opportunity to travel here. Despite the weather and the culture is different from Korea their enthusiasm is no less.

Check out Choi Yeo Jin’s latest Instagram posts to feel the excitement yourself:

The actresses are in India to shoot for KBS2’s new variety show called “Winning Vacation (working title)”. In this show, KBS2 pairs up the celebrities in twos and gives them opportunity to visit a country of their own choice which is in their bucket list. Lee Si Young and Choi Yeo Jin are the third celebrity duo to kick off their trip in the show.

We wish they take a lot of happy memories from India with them when they return to Korea. The show will be aired on May 30 and June 6.

Are you excited to see their journey in India?


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