[UPDATE] AoA’s ChoA is ready to release Her Solo Project + Releases Teaser for “Flame”

Are you ready for AoA's ChoA!


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While the rumour game was going strong that AoA’s main vocalist ChoA is gearing up for her solo debut and fan’s were delighted as FNC Entertainment has finally released a statement in answer to the rumours.

ChoA was reported to have finished her music video filming in the city of Gwangju for a beautiful ballad to perfectly fit the lonely winter season. With the single ready to drop in mid-December, FNC has released a statement clarifying that this is not ChoA’s official solo debut but rather a solo project under an entire new production which is not produced by FNC Entertainment.

Even though it is not ChoA’s official solo debut, fans are still excited to see the talented singer belt out her beautiful voice after her successful appearance in “Mask Singer”. With AoA already being included in top tier girl groups and some of the members being successful in their individual endeavors, fans are eagerly anticipating to see the full potential of the talented singer.

Are you excited for ChoA’s solo project?


AoA’s ChoA has finally put the hearts of fans worldwide at ease with the release of the teaser video for her solo project “Flame”.

Looking serene, ChoA seems ready to blow us away with her beautiful vocals and visulas. The story line of the music video seems to go with a supernatural concept with talented rookie actress Jung Da-bin playing the lead role in the music video.

The song sounds hauntingly beautiful and fans are excited to finally see what the talented singer will bring to the current music scene unaided by her group members.

The single is set to drop on December 17th.


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