(UPDATE) ASTRO Releases Logo and Teaser Image!!

ASTRO sets the ball rolling with their new teaser!!

Kpop India

One of the most anticipated debut of the year, Fantagio Music’s boy group ASTRO are just a few days away from their debut and with the D-day coming up, ASTRO has revealed their first teaser for their debut mini album “Spring Up” via Fantagio’s Youtube channel.

The teaser shows all the six boys in their bright and cheerful spirits playing with confetti sending cutesy yet fresh feel to the hearts of the already pumped fans.

ASTRO had released their logo and teaser image a few days back. They are also starring in their reality show ‘ASTRO, OK! Ready’ on MBC Music, which follows their real lives and familiarizes them with the audience, leading up to their debut. Ever since their web drama, ‘To Be Continued’ aired, fans have been very excited and have been looking forward to their debut.

ASTRO will debut with their showcase on February 23rd.



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