[UPDATE] B.A.P Release Preview of ‘CARNIVAL’s Track 3 “My Girl”

B.A.P's Himchan drops teaser for Track 3 "My Girl" from 'CARNIVAL' mini-album


Before letting fans sweat off  the excitement of their last mini-album ‘MATRIX‘ which dropped in November 2015, B.A.P came back with the news of their fifth mini-album ‘CARNIVAL‘. While their previous mini-album had a darker and fiercer look, ‘CARNIVAL‘ will be bringing us a lighter and more cheerful concept.

So far we’ve seen individual teaser images for Youngjae, Daehyun and Jongup, a second set of images for Himchan, Zelo and Bang Yong Guk which was then followed by a group teaser image.

If you’ve been following their comeback schedule, you’ll know that B.A.P are releasing previews for all six tracks on their new mini-album from February 8 – 13.

Today’s preview was for ‘CARNIVAL’s third track titled “My Girl”. The preview posted by Himchan on his Twitter account (@BAP_Himchan) is just for fourteen seconds but still manages to have your heart beat a little faster and the butterflies in your tummy jump a little wilder. Check it out below!

Preview 3: “My Girl”

If you’ve missed out on the first two previews, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered! Check out the first two previews below!

Previewed by Daehyun on his Twitter account (@BAP_Daehyun) was for the mini-album’s first track “Today“.

Previewed by Jongup on his Twitter account (@BAP_Jongup) was for the fun lead single “Carnival“!

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