[UPDATE] B.A.P Unveil Final Track Preview from ‘CARNIVAL’ Mini-Album

B.A.P unveil the preview of the sixth and final track from upcoming 'CARNIVAL' mini-album!


B.A.P have finally released the preview of the sixth and last track off their upcoming mini-album titled ‘CARNIVAL‘.

The preview for the last track titled “Go” was posted by the group’s maknae Zelo on his official Twitter account (@ZELO96). Although the preview gives us a feel of the upbeat track, it was a little disappointing that it only featured music with no vocals.

Instead of vocals, the music comes with an unbelievable cute, funny and totally adorable fifteen second clip of Zelo trying (and failing) to take a bite out of a balloon! Check out the preview below!

B.A.P have been releasing previews of each song off their mini-album from February 8 giving us a little peek into their new sound. The first preview was for “Today”, which was followed by the lead single “CARNIVAL”, then the remaining tracks “My Girl“, “Feel So Good“, “Albatross” and finally “Go”.

As is evident with the all the previews, the group have taken a cheerier route with a brighter concept this time around as compared to the dark fierceness of their previous mini-album ‘MATRIX’. The songs all seem to fall into the genre of mainstream pop with a hint of bubblegum pop which definitely works for the charismatic group of six.

According to their comeback schedule, the teaser for the ‘CARNIVAL‘ music video will be released on February 16!

Stay tuned for more!

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