[UPDATE] B.A.P Unveil Preview of “Albatross” from ‘CARNIVAL’ Mini-Album

B.A.P unveil the preview of fifth track "Albatross" from 'CARNIVAL' mini-album via Youngjae's Twitter


B.A.P have unveiled the preview for their fifth track titled “Albatross” from their upcoming fifth mini-album brightly titled ‘CARNIVAL‘. The endless stream of gorgeous teasers and promising track previews have fans on edge waiting for the mini-album’s release on February 22.

‘CARNIVAL’ features six tracks and the members have been posting previews of the tracks on their personal Twitter accounts since February 8. The most recent teaser was posted on member Youngjae‘s Twitter account (@BAP_Younjae). Unlike the fresh almost bubble gum pop previews till now, “Albatross” seems to be bringing B.A.P’s brash cool vibes into the mix. The track will definitely be an interesting one! Check it out below!

Preview 5 – “Albatross”

If you’ve been keeping an eye on B.A.P’s previously released ‘CARNIVALcomeback schedule, you’ll know that the sixth and last track will be previewed on February 13! That leaves only maknae Zelo to preview the last track!

Stay tuned for the last and final track preview!

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