[Update] Dal Shabet release teaser for ‘Someone Like U’ MV

Dal Shabet are pretty yet fierce in new MV teaser


Dal Shabet (달샤벳) have been releasing teaser images nearly everyday for their comeback with their 9th mini-album ‘Naturalness‘ scheduled for January, 2016!

Happy Face Entertainment has finally decided to present us an MV teaser for the lead single from their new album! The music video teaser for ‘Someone Like U‘ features the girls at what looks like a cocktail party, and while the girls do look pretty gorgeous all done up in party attire, what catches our eye is the fact that they are pointing large pink and purple guns at someone! We also get a brief glimpse of the girls running in stilletoes, evening dresses and the same huge guns giving the teaser a very ‘femme fatale’ feel and may possibly revolve around a cheating boyfriend, if the teaser is anything to go by.

Also, the fierce teaser seems to show the girls in a very different set as compared to the simple and innocent nature of their previously released ‘Naturalness’ shots. But it is undeniable that they look unbelievably pretty even while toting those huge guns!

Check out the stills of the Dal Shabet members in their new music video teasers below:

Dal Shabet - Group Teaser Image {kpop-india}[Update] Dal Shabet release teaser for ‘Someone Like U’ MVDal Shabet Group Teaser Image

We can’t wait to see more! Check out the music video teaser below!


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