[Update] Dal Shabet released 2nd ‘Someone Like U’ teaser + unveil male lead

Dal Shabet release 2nd MV teaser + announce male lead!


Dal Shabet (달샤벳) have revealed yet another teaser for their ‘Someone Like U/너 같은‘ music video, from their 9th mini-album ‘Naturalness‘ which will be released on January 5. The countdown to January 5 has been an endless stream of teasers from the gorgeous girl group begining with solo teaser shots of Serri and Woohee, solo shots of Subin and Ah Young, their group teaser image and their fierce first MV teaser.

The teaser features the girls being happy and chilling at what seems to be college dorm rooms, before the scene once again breaks into them going into ‘femme fatale’ mode with the same gigantic pink and purple guns that were seen in the first teaser.

In the meantime, the mystery man who plays the girls’ love interest in the ‘Someone Like U/너 같은’ music video was revealed to be up and coming actor Song Won Suk (송원석) from Starhaus Entertainment. Netizens have already taken to SNS to gush over how handsome the male lead is!

Check out the second music video teaser below!

Stay tuned for more!


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