(UPDATE) Day6 Swoons Fans with “Daydream” Comeback Teasers

Day6 release individual teasers for Daydream comeback

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JYP Ent. first rock boy band is looking forward to a comeback this season after member and keyboardist Junhyeok’s departure from the group. Day6 had released an intriguing teaser for their comeback slated for the end of March and now the boys have released individual teasers tantalizing fans with their captivating comeback concept.

Take a look below at the swoon-worthy teasers below that showcases our favorite boys rocking their looks with the Daydream concept stimulating fans interest.

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The second mini album “Daydream” shall showcase Day6’s overall growth as artists. It shall feature a combination of various genres of music including pop, rock, hip-hop and electronic. Moreover member Young K has also participated in writing lyrics and producing all the songs on the upcoming mini-album.

Adding more zing to their comeback, the members have also said they would reveal their dorm if they reach a 100k followers on their V-app channel. Moreover Day6 shall also tease with their live studio rehearsal of the upcoming mini album for their fans via their V-app channel on March 29th at 8pm (KST).

While most recently Day6 boys were embroiled into a controversy regarding member Junhyeok’s departure, ‘Sundays’ were dismayed when all the remaining members, who were quite active on their personal twitter and instagram deactivated their individual sns accounts. However to keep in touch with their fans, the boys are now available via Day6’s official twitter and instagram.

Are you liking Day6’s comeback concept this far? Daydream releases on midnight of March 30th, online and offline.


Day6 boys even left a message on VAPP today for fans.Do check it out below.



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