(UPDATE) EXID’s New Album Drops On June 1

Get ready to groove with EXID's return to the music scene


EXID (Exceed In Dreaming) are getting ready to make temperatures soar yet again with their comeback scheduled for June 1!

The girls are returning and this time it shall be their first studio album since their debut in February 2012.

Their label agency Banana Culture revealed, “EXID shall be making their comeback with a studio album on June 1.” 

EXID who are known for their melodious tracks, sensual choreography and strong vocals and charms shall be returning after seven months of their much loved digital single “Hot Pink” back in November.

The girls who had been busy with their individual schedules besides working tirelessly for their upcoming album are now in the final preparations of their impending comeback.

Their agency stated that EXID have concluded their album photo shoot and music video filming last week and are now giving some final touches to the album. They added that since this shall be the group’s first studio album since debut, both members and staff are working hard for it asked fans to look forward to it.

After churning out hot tracks like “Up & Down“, “Ah Yeah” and “Hot Pink” burning the stage with their exemplary performances, the quintet of EXID look forward to bringing an entirely different concept this time showcasing their musicality and growth as singers. What do they have in store for us, we just can’t wait to see!

Are you excited by the energy orchestrated with EXID’s return?


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