(UPDATE) IMFACT Announces Debut Date + Releases member profiles!

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Star Empire‘s new boy group IMFACT has announced their official debut date!

IMFACT is set to mark their entry into the K-Pop world as they are set to debut on 27/01/2016. The announcement came through their official Twitter page – @IMFACTofficial 

kpop india IMFACT Announces Debut Date!imfact {kpop-india}(UPDATE) IMFACT Announces Debut Date + Releases member profiles!imfactThe picture shows five legs signifying each member while creating a mysterious aura about the genre of the album.

IMFACT is well known to the Indian fans as they had performed in last year’s ‘Kpop contest 2015‘ and shared stage with ZE:A J, BESTIE, TEEN TOP, ALMENG and 100% in the ‘Feel Korea Concert’ held in August, 2015. The group managed to create quite an impression with their power packed performance setting themselves as a group to look out for.

It had been announced earlier that their debut would happen this year and this had definitely excited the fans. The boys have been showing off their different charms through their show ‘IMFACT ALIVE‘ on their YouTube channel giving fans a glimpse of their vocal and dance talents. Star Empire also opened official homepage prior to their debut –imfact.net and the fans are certainly curious about the type of music IMFACT will show as they highly anticipate their debut.

Are you excited? Check out this amazing performance by Imfact at the Kpop Contest 2015.

We wish IMFACT all the very best for their upcoming debut.


To let fans know more about them and their strength, IMFACT released their member profiles. They uploaded individual videos for each member through their official YouTube channel.

The first member introduced in the video is the leader of IMFACT, Lee Jian. He’s also the lead rapper of the group. The video shows his amazing rapping skills.

Check out his introduction video:

The next member introduced is Lee Sang. In his introduction video, Sang showcases his brilliant guitar skills.

Check out his introduction video:

Stay tuned for the introduction video of the rest of the members!


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