(UPDATE) INFINITE Woohyun Teases for Solo Debut

Woohyun to debut solo with his mini-album "Write"

Kpop India

INFINITE’s power vocal Nam Woohyun is releasing his first mini-album soon, and the d day has been set for May 9th 2016. Yes, its a mini-album!!

Earlier it was revealed that Woohyun will be making a solo debut with a solo track around mid of May. However the agency and the artist were contemplating on releasing a single or an album. Now its finally going to be a mini-album and the concept in itself is looking quite fascinating.

Eyes closed, leaning against a wall, with fuzzy wet hair and a drenched shirt, the teaser of Woohyun’s upcoming mini-album released on April 26th via Infinite’s official twitter has already brought about a frenzy in the Inspirits fandom who had been endlessly waiting for his solo debut.

With a big W and details of album name and release the date has been set. We are sure there are more teasers to follow. Meanwhile what are our inspirits doing? Waiting with abated breath, right! Well so are we!

Mark your calendars everyone and gear up to flood our boy with lots of love for his solo album which finally drops next month.


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