[Update] Rookie group VAV drops 2nd MV teaser for their comeback

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Rookie Group VAV drops 2nd teaser for their comeback MV “Brotherhood”!

The 0.26 seconds teaser is a continuation of the first teaser featuring the boys in dark alley hunted by some unknown force. With the already known Vampire-themed concept of the groups’, we might just get to see some cool action or maybe some swag Vampire’s power in the MV (I hope we do ;D )

The teaser with its intense concept and beats is already pulling the viewers in. The MV surely is intriguing and fans can’t seem to wait for the full MV which is set to be released on May 10th at 12:00pm (KST) followed by their comeback showcase at 2:00pm (KST). This comeback will mark VAV’s first return since their debut last year.

You can check the teaser below!

Stay tune for more updates on their comeback right here!!


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