[Update] Stellar make their comeback with ‘Sting’ MV

Stellar make a sexy comeback with 'Sting' MV


The Entertainment Pascal’s girl group Stellar (스텔라) have made their comeback with the release of their new music video “Sting/찔려”!

The girl group’s comeback has been highly anticipated since the release of the teaser images of first Hyoeun and Minhee followed by the teaser images of members Gayoung and Jeonyoul, as the images showed that Stellar had comepletely changed their image!

Despite toning down their fiercely sexy image for an ‘innocent-sexy’ image, the talented girl group still look more sexy than innocent though, not that we’re complaining. Despite the video appearing to have scenes of what looks like a lingerie shoot, the music video still somehow appears cute. The pop track “Sting” is upbeat and catchy and will have you singing along in no time while the choreography for the track is on point and simple enough for fans to cover too!

Stellar also held their second mini album showcase at Seoul Mapo District’s Rolling Hall during which they explained that “Rather than simply being ‘innocently sexy,’ they wanted to give off the feeling of being like a girlfriend.”

Regarding their change in image they also added, “It was difficult [for the public to approach our music] because of our provocative, strong concepts, but now we’re trying to approach the masses with a friendly image. We’ve done dark, smoky makeup and worn bright red lipstick, but this time, we filmed the MV without even gluing extra eyelashes. If the song concepts up until now were a ‘nighttime sexy,’ ‘Sting’ is more ‘early morning sexy.’

Check out the MV below and tell us what you think about Stellar’s comeback!


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