[UPDATE] Teen Top releases tracklist details for “Red Point” + 2nd MV Teaser released for “Warning Sign”

Teen Top releases tracklist details!


With their comeback coming up, Teen Top has released more information for their upcoming mini album “Red Point”.

Teen Top revealed the details for the tracklist of their mini-album “Red Point”. The album consists of 6 songs and by the look at the tracklist, the boys of Teen Top have fully participated in the production of the album.

Red Point will be having the following songs in their tracklist.

  1. Warning Sign
  2. Please, don’t go
  3. Day
  4. Liar
  5. Day After Day
  6. Don’t drink

With most songs are written by members L.Joe and C.A.P, fellow member Changjo co-composed “Day” while Niel co-composed “Liar”. Another surprise element for the fans was the participation of label mate Jonghwan of 100% who co-composed “Day after Day” along with L.Joe.

With the comeback coming closer, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the highly anticipated comeback.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Teen Top has released the official second teaser for their upcoming title track “Warning Sign”.

Showing off a bit of their choreography, the boys look suave in black suits and later in white suits as they work their dance moves. With an urban & R&B sounding track, the boys of Teen Top look ready to comeback in full swing.

“Warning Point” will  be released on January 18th and judging from the music video teasers, both the song and the video seems something to anticipate on.



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