(UPDATE) What’s cooking with Block B Zico??

Zico releases teaser for his upcoming comeback!!!

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Block B’s Zico  a.k.a. Woo Ji Ho has some surprises up his sleeves for the fans. As per Block B’s agency Seven Seasons, the leader cum solo hip-hop artist is working on ballads to be released soon.

The agency revealed, Zico is working on two ballads simultaneously for a solo comeback by the end of this month. This will be the rapper-songwriter’s first solo comeback after“Gallery,” his first mini album released this past December 7th.

Kpop India {kpop-india}(UPDATE) What’s cooking with Block B Zico??Zico1

The ‘Boys and Girls’ hit-maker went on to hit the charts with his mini album’s title track“Eureka.” Songs like “Veni Vidi Vici” and “Pride and Prejudice” from the album also took the top spots the day they were released. Zico who also has a well defined fashion recently starred in “EUREKA” for the January issue of Beauty+ magazine.

Fans have a lot of anticipation for this one as it is a surprise announcement by the agency with this being Zico’s (also a rising song producer) first attempt on ballad songs.

Are you looking forward for Block B Zico’s solo comeback??


It was earlier reported by a news agency that Block B Zico shall be having a solo comeback with ballad track to be released on January 25th. However Zico’s  agency Seven Seasons denied the same stating that though he was working on some new material it is not what it was reported to be.

However yesterday the idol hip hop group Block B’s leader, Zico released a teaser via his agency Seven Season’s Youtube account. The newest teaser released “It was love” feels like a soft ballad featuring f(x) Luna and starring former member of Japanese idol group AKB48, Mariko Shinoda. 

As per the agency “It was love” will mark Zico’s identity as a true musician. This ballad will be a new challenge coming from one of the best rappers in the Kpop industry.

With all the hype coming in are you looking forward to Zico’s “it was love”….cause we surely are??

“It was love” will be released on January 25th.


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