(UPDATE) WINNER announces comeback project “Exit Movement”

Winner to comeback with Exit Movement project!!

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YG Entertainment’s idol group WINNER is scheduled for a comeback with a new project titled “EXIT MOVEMENT”

Winner released an intense teaser on January 4th for their upcoming comeback after a gap of more than a year much to the delight of the INNER CIRCLEs (official fan club). As per the agency officials, the new album will feature tracks solely written and composed by the members themselves.

The teaser video is dark and sensual where the scenes switch between WINNER members walking and running around streets, performing on stage, drinking and ends with some lip-locking scene. The teaser sure is intriguing and the fans couldn’t be more curious of this comeback concept!!!

Check the teaser below.

WINNER debuted in 2014 under YG Entertainment. Since then, the group have been one of the most sought after groups. With their debut album ‘2014 S/S’ attaining the top spot on Billboard’s World Album chart and the title track “Empty” setting high record topping charts, the group’s comeback is highly anticipated. More so, given the fact that this will be WINNER’s first comeback after their debut. INNER CIRCLEs have been flooding the groups official facebook with elated messages since the announcement.

More details of the project per will be revealed on YG official website soon. Keep watching this space for more updates on the group’s comeback.

Are you excited for WINNER’s comeback?


More information has been released by YG Entertainment on Winner’s comeback project “Exit Movement.”

They sure know how to play it and keep up the fans anticipation. A series of dates in form of project “steps” has been revealed on the latest promotional poster.

Step 1 – The entry single release date, January 11th as stated last year by YG.

Step 2  – The Mini Album Exit slated for February 1st.

Step 3…..4….5…..???????

Well well…we will find out eventually!! Stay tuned for more from Winner.


Time to block your dates INNER CIRCLE’s!!! 😉


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