[UPDATE]4Minute releases MV Teaser for their comeback track “Hate”

MV teaser released for 4Minute's comeback!


The ladies of 4Minute are soon making their grand comeback to the music scene and they sound amazing in the latest MV teaser released.

4Minute has released their MV teaser for their upcoming comeback title track “Hate”. The visuals of the MV teaser look stunning as we see each of the girls dressed up to their own concept ranging from a bride to a blindfolded state. We get a taste of what to expect from the comeback as we hear Hyuna’s vocals in the background.

The girls look fierce and seem all ready to step up their gangsta concept in their new release. Their title track “Hate” is co-produced by world renowned producer and DJ Skrillex and the song expresses the feelings after someone knows that a break up is evident in their relationship.

4Minute’s 7th mini album “Act.7” will be released on February 1st. Stay tuned for more details.


4Minute has released one more MV teaser for their upcoming title track “Hate”.

In this MV teaser, we witness strong and powerful choreography that 4Minute is usually known for as they pull off those moves with swag. With intense beats and dance, this MV seems one to look our for as Hyuna screams at the end of the MV teaser “I HATE YOU”.

4Minute will be releasing their mini-album “Act.7” on February 1st.


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