VAV Releases ‘VAV Photo Diary’ as part of their comeback pre-promotion!

Kpop India

Previously VAV released the 2nd edition of VAV webtoon series titled Lost in Memoriesto kickstart the promotion for the upcoming comeback on May. Now the group has released the ‘VAV Photo Diary’ as part of their pre-promotion series which will give more insights to the new comeback album.

“VAV Photo Diary” is a teaser in the form of a diary to record and show the process of VAV’s album preparations in texts and photos. Especially for fans who have been waiting for VAV for a long time. The ‘VAV Photo Diary’ will give a hint of the concepts, choreography, styling and also other spoilers prior to the album release.

The first episode of the ‘Photo Diary’ will show the process of VAV recording and preparation for the 2nd album revealing the members concentration and passion for music during their recording. VAV members will also personally select the photos and take part in the storytelling for the ‘VAV Photo Diary’. The photo dairy will feature the members’ actual handwriting adding more interest and attraction to the Photo Diary.

‘VAV Photo Diary’ will be released everyday starting from 11 April, at 10:00pm (KST) with new hints at VAV’s comeback that have not been revealed so far. You can follow up the ‘VAV Photo Diary’ on their official Facebook Page.

Stay tune for more updates on the VAV comeback right here!


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