Hello Venus welcomes you to join them in their new MV ” Paradise “


The 6 beautiful ladies of Hello Venus, that once asked “Do you want some Tea?” ( MV ) is once again back with another invitation to their new Music video called ” Paradise ” for the holiday.

The group that was once under Pledis Entertainment, now under Fantagio. “Paradise” is also their second single collaborating with Producing team ‘Divine Channel’. So, Will you “Wiggle Wiggle” ( MV ) along in their new “Paradise” MV and join them at the beach, have a surfing go and fun in the sun. For the kick start of this year’s summer.

Although most of us have Monsoon pouring in on us, Hello Venus’s MV “Paradise” will also surely be the a virtual escape to most of our rather dull summer vacation as they sing, sunbathe and dance. While outshining the sun with their smiles in their “Paradise” MV.


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