VICTON Receives 1st Win for “Howling”


As tears of joy fill the eyes of ALICEs around the world, both VICTON and the fandom could never get rid of the joy and contentment.

It has been a slow and steady process but it was all worth it for VICTON, as the group of seven banged their first place in Music Show this evening. Exactly after ten days of the septet’s sixth mini-album release, Continuous helped the members make March 17 a memorable day.

The occasion becomes even more special to the members and the fans, as the group was able to return as a septet and win. Being the second win for the group after their first win for Nostalgia in 2019, the members were cool and much cheerful receiving the award. The group won battling against Lee Ye-joon and Lee Woo, exceeding with 6870 points. On receiving the award, Heochan, Sejun expressed their gratitude followed by other members’ shout outs. The members even made sure to delight the fans by wearing wolf headbands, singing and celebrating the moment.

To cherish the happening ALICE trended the hashtags #VICTON2ndWin and #HOWILING1stWin in various social media platforms expressing their happiness and love. Tweets also had special mentions for Seungwoo, as the win becomes his first as the leader VICTON.

Despite the long way, the septet stayed strong rooting with hard work and passion. And, this day is yet another testimony in their lives. And we wish them for more and more blessings through their future endeavours. Support them and keep track of their upcoming activities by following them on Twitter.

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