VIXX bags it’s 2nd Win for the week- Show Champion


Kpop India {kpop-india}VIXX bags it’s 2nd Win for the week- Show Championvixx show campion

These are tough times, what with several major groups and companies promoting at the same time. But VIXX, 6 member boy group from Jellyfish Entertainment, have gotten their 2nd Win of the week, at MBC’s Show Champion.

Pitted against EXO’s Lotto and I.O.I’s Whatta Man, VIXX’s Fantasy managed to take home the trophy. However it was a pretty close call, with neck-to-neck votes making the difference in the nick of time.

Check out their performance below!

Bonus! Check out some super-cute pictures backstage, with members Hongbin, Ravi, Hyuk and Ken


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