VIXX Becomes Baristas for Starlights!


Kpop India {kpop-india}VIXX Becomes Baristas for Starlights!hongbin and hyu

Jellyfish Entertainment’s 6yr old boygroup VIXX, has garnered a huge name for being complete starlight-pabos. They go out of their way to bring creative and new ways to appreciate their fans, mostly the local Korean Starlights.

On August 8th they held an official fanmeeting at the Marley Coffee Cafe in Itaewon, Seoul. The fanmeeting was only open to officially registered Starlights, but they were in for sweet treat.

hyuk {kpop-india}VIXX Becomes Baristas for Starlights!hyuk

The members – N, Leo, Ravi, Ken, Hongbin and Hyuk – dressed up as baristas and served their fans their coffees. Similar to their last fanmeeting in a cafe, the members took part in everything from the making of coffees and other beverages, to waiting on their fans, even ringing their bill up for them!

If their last event is to be upheld as a predecessor, then we should be expecting a VIXXTV episode with new covers of their songs! Are you excited?

ravi-vixx-cafe {kpop-india}VIXX Becomes Baristas for Starlights!ravi vixx cafe


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