VIXX Releases MV Teaser + Teaser Pictures for “Zelos”

VIXX to release 5th Single Album "Zelos"!


VIXX are making their comeback on April 19th and the countdown has begun! They have released their “VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION OPENING TRAILER” on their official YouTube channel.

Staying true to their dark concepts, the members of VIXX look mysterious and dark for the teaser of their upcoming release creating much discussion on what their comeback will be like.

In addition to the trailer, VIXX also released the group photos and individual teasers for their upcoming single album. VIXX will be releasing their 5th single album “Zelos” and their concept pictures are quite different from their trailer.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}VIXX Releases MV Teaser + Teaser Pictures for “Zelos”VIXX 1460389063 vixx

Looking chic and fashionable in bright colors, the members of VIXX pose for their photos showing off their amazing visuals. Check out the pictures below.



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