VIXX’s Hyuk Asks Fans to “Love Yourself” on Valentine’s Day

VIXX's Hyuk presents Valentine's Day gift to fans!


VIXX’s maknae Hyuk has a Valentine gift for all the STARLIGHTS!

Hyuk of VIXX (also popularly known as Hyuk-Di of the hilariously talented Big Byung) has released his version of the Justin Bieber’s  “Love Yourself” and he sounds amazing as he gives his spin to the latest hit of the teen sensation.

In his cover, Hyuk provides a new depth to the song with his deep baritone vocals and earnest feelings proving everyone of his musical talent. Singing about getting over a broken heart, Hyuk brings out the emotions in just his vocals as he sings in the recording studio.

This isn’t a pleasant surprise for fans as it has been widely known that Hyuk was already a huge fan of Justin Bieber even before his debut. Seeing Hyuk successfully pull off his favourite artist’s song is a huge achievement for the adorable maknae of VIXX.

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Check out his version of the hit single below and let us know what you think!



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